Celebrating Love! Celebrating Charity!

It is always been a dream for the world to see each and every citizen lend their hands to create a better society and a better world.  Probably, due to the largely influence on modernism and secularism that young people nowadays tend to be selfish.

Charity Day 2017 gave an opportunity for the Paulinian students to enriched their generous hearts by sharing goodies and toys to the Grade 3 students of Banawa Elementary School. A number of 200 students from our adopted school received the goodies and toys from the Paulinian students.  It was indeed a joy that brings Christmas into its right perspective which is the giving of Jesus by the Father as a gift of humanity’s redemption.

Christmas is more than of the trimmings and glittering lights that hang on our walls and Christmas trees.  It is about how our faith towards Jesus become so significant to the marginalized especially on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas everyone!



200 Grade 3 students from Banawa Elementary School received gifts during Charity Dy 2017.