Mission & Vision


St. Paul is a progressive school that provides challenging, effective and joyful learning experiences in a warm, happy and caring atmosphere. It aims to motivate children to develop and flourish to the best of their abilities, while taking pride of their Filipino heritage. St. Paul’s mission is geared towards the goal of developing authentic Filipinos, giving due respect to his individuality.


Beaconhouse St. Paul is committed towards the holistic development of young men and women who are:

- dynamic, passionate and determined to excel in different areas of learning;
- imbued with ethical, moral and spiritual values in fulfilling their daily lives’ purposes and mission
- equipped with the strong set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare them for higher studies and take on future responsibilities in their chosen field of specialization;
- ardent in contributing their best service towards their country and the global community; and
- dedicated towards the preservation of sound Filipino-Christian values, culture and heritage.