Application Procedure for the Students

Application Procedure

1. Inquire at our Admission Office: Monday to Friday, 8:00a.m. to 3:30 p.m

- Filling – out of Application form

- List of Requirements, School Fees details and other school information shall be given.

2. Submission of required documents (Please see the list below)

3. Pay for the Entrance Exam in the Cashier

- Nursery to Kinder (Php 400.00)

- Grade 1 to Grade 10 (Php 500.00)

- Grade 11 (Free)

4. Take the Entrance Examination

Things to bring on the Entrance Examination day:

1. pencil

2. crayons (for incoming)

3. blank sheets of paper

5. Parents interview with the Academic Coordinator/ Academic Head to discuss the result of the Entrance Examination.

Age Requirements for Pre-school

Bubbles : 2 ½ y.o. – 3 ½ y.o.

Nursery : 3 ½ y.o. – 4 ½ y.o.

Kindergarten: 4 ½ y.o. - 5 ½ y.o.


: Photocopy of Birth Certificate, Form 138 and Certification of Completion, 1pc. 2x2 picture

: Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate, Form 137, Form 138 and Recommendation Form, 1pc. 2x2 picture

High School
: Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate, 1pc. 2x2 picture, Form 137, Certificate of Good Moral Character, Result of AHS Evaluation Exam, Certified True Copy of Report Card signed by the Registrar and class adviser, Sealed Letter of Recommendation (AHS Form A-2).