April 28, 2014
William Abel Tude Batch 2011-2012
March 11, 2019
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BATCH 2006

St. Paul will always have a very special place in my heart. The teachers here are like family.  They treat us with so much love and care it feels like I am at home.

St. Paul has contributed so much on my confidence. They never failed to encourage me to find my talents and strengths and enhance them with constant practice. When I was still a student, I find myself joining almost all activities, from dancing, singing, poem recitation and composition, plays and others. The support and encouragement from  the student, parents and teachers were exceptional. St. Paul taught me that I can be anything I want if I put my mind into in.

I remember when I was still in grade 6 during our Christian Living class, I remembered being so inspired by a teacher that my classmates and I tried to form an organization. I believe it was called “Children for the Less Fortunate” (CFLF). It was an organization that gave gifts or assistance to the less fortunate kids.  The teachers and younger students were so supportive of the cause. This is just a testament of how much St. Paul, valued teaching their students about good values, leadership, teamwork and social awareness.

Now, that I’m already working, there are some things that I learned from St. Paul that I still carry with me. It is actually the small things that make the not-so-small impact like always saying thank you and sorry and mean it, greeting people and paying respect to parent and elders, using my inside voice when inside a room, and covering my mouth when i yawn. It has also been a habit of mine to keep my garbage with me until I find the proper receptacle. I have kept these things with me and it has set me apart from most people.

St. Paul has really left an important mark in my life. Not only did they provided me with good education but they also shaped my character. I am forever grateful to St. Paul for being part of my life and making me the man I am today.