March 7, 2018
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March 20, 2018
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The most awaited event of all Beaconites has commenced in Muscat, Oman last February 19-21, 2018.  With more than 200 athletes from the different Beaconhouse National Offices in the Asian Region, truly BISC is a worldwide event.

All athletes had undergone strenuous qualifying marks and training for those who have qualified in their national levels.  Months before the actual event last February, Beaconites Filipinos marked the preparations with discipline and commitment as they need to wake up at 4:30 AM to start the day with the training aside from hurdling their academic responsibilities.  It was not just a test of their ware in their respective sports but also of their dedication to excel.  Thirty-six athletes (16 from St. Paul Learning Center) represented Beaconhouse Philippines.  Beaconites Cebuano athletes flew to Laguna in order to meet the entire Philippine delegation for their training and cultural practices.

Athletes from Beaconhouse St. Paul-Cebu stint in their training camp was very demanding since they need to wake up even before the sun shines.  Different training sites had been the witnesses of their hardships and commitment to bring honor and pride to their country.  The training was a challenge to all the athletes for they to prove their worth in the international level.   Our stay in Laguna also our chance to practice the Cultural Presentation as a country.  Dancing to the song “Kanta Na Pilipinas”, indeed the concept conceptualized by Dr. Hazelita N. Malaga, our Academic Manager, has embedded the uniqueness and oneness of the Filipino culture.  The cultural presentation was a showcase of the different intangible Filipino heritage through the different tribal dance or regional dances.  The highlight of the concept is dancing on the same musical accompaniment with the different tribal dances.  The colors and highlights of the dances become truly remarkably Filipino.

After the stint in Laguna as hosted by our sister school, Beaconhouse Angels in Heaven in Cabuyao City, the entire Beaconhouse Philippine Team is now ready for BISC2018 hosted by Beaconhouse Oman.  An early morning took us to the “Heart of Arab Hospitality”, Oman!  In Oman, we were met by distinguished Beaconhouse Oman staff who really went out of their way for us to be in a home away from home.  Glady, we were welcomed like family members.  As we went through the alleys of the scenice Muscat, Oman; we knew that we were “at home”.  As we arrived in the hotel, we were welcomed and honored with the very warm hospitality as Omani children dressed in their national costumes don the BISC scarf on us and scented us with their world famous scented oil and frankincense, one of the best product from Oman.  We were delighted to have our billeting sites so much secured and food goodies telling us to seat back and relax and enjoy BISC2018.

The day of the mettle came with the Opening Ceremony in the main hall of Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.  Welcomed by no other than the Principal of Beaconhouse Oman-Mdme. Masood and Kasim Kasuri.   We are also honored with the presence of the Crown Prince of Oman.  The sports calendar for this year are: SWIMMING, BASKETBALL, TABLE TENNIN, ATHLETICS, and FUTSAL.  For two days, our team’s training was put to test.  First we were treated to a Ball in order to cool down the pressure.  Different games were aligned in order to have an encounter with the other Beaconites of other countries.  The next day, all now must proved their supremacy in friendly matches.  Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand and the host country Oman sent athletes not to remain supreme but to establish friendship.  As the sporting events concluded, the Philippine Team grabbed a gold medal from shot putt (breaking the BISC record established in BISC 2017 Kuala Lumpur).  Beaconhouse St. Paul gave the Philippines pride and honor with their 7 Silver and 8 Bronze medals in sports.  Another 2nd place was garnered by our entry in the Beaconhouse Idol.  Aside from sports, different co-curricular events were also made particularly in photography, science, arts installation, short film, quiz, and B-Talks.

As the events in BISC2018 culminated through the Gala Dinner in Crown Plaza were everyone had a sumptuous dinner and the presentation of cultures were showcased, the night was filled with memories and drama as the participants bid each other goodbye with the hope for the next BISC to be hosted by Beaconhouse United Arab Emirates through our Dubai Campus.

Congratulations Beaconhouse Oman for a very successful staging of BISC 2018 and for their hospitality, Shukran!  To the rest of the Philippine Team, Congratulations!  See you in Dubai in 2019.

St. Paul
St. Paul
St. Paul seeks to create a total learning environment with high expectation of success; provides top quality education and passion for learning; empowers each student to contribute wisdom, leadership and compassion to our global community; preserves and enriches the Filipino-Christian values, culture and heritage; strives to involve our parents, teachers, and community members in a strong partnership between home and school.

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