Scouts are on the go!

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January 9, 2018
February 5, 2018
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Scouts are on the go!

Last December 15-16, 2017 were test of mettle for the school’s scouting unit.  Eager scouts underwent series of preparatory formations for this much awaited backyard camping.  Basic skills in First Aid, Knot Tying, Fire Building, Camp Lay-out, Tent Pitching, Cooking, Wig Wag, Compass Reading and others were enhanced by their scout masters and leaders.  Sir Julius and T. Beth had their time given for the children to master the basic skills.

As the days for the camping grew nearer, scouts had all the nitty-gritty of their stuff prepared.  Camping days proved to be worth to test our scouts’ skills.  They have underwent evaluations of their learned skills by the scout masters of other schools.  Time was very vital for them to finish all the assigned tasks.  Mind and body were the factors that helped accomplished the tasks given.  The last day of the camping witnessed the investiture of the new scouts to the world of scouting movement.  The scouts had themselves ready to serve God, Community and Family.

As they bid goodbye, all scouts wished for the future camping eagerly with the greeting “Till We Meet Again”.


Backyard Camping 2017-Participated by our Boy and Girl Scout Unit.

St. Paul
St. Paul
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