“Alice in Her Dreams” staged at SM SEASIDE CENTERSTAGE!

March 7, 2018
3rd Convocation and Open House 2018!
March 20, 2018
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“Alice in Her Dreams” staged at SM SEASIDE CENTERSTAGE!

Months of production preparations  came to the penultimate play date last March 9, 2018.   After all, the auditions for lead and supporting roles as well as the selection of the entire casts  for “Alice in Her Dreams” were  a bit difficult.  All the hardships paid-off on the play date as it proved to be one of the best stage plays the school has ever produced.

The play of colors, lights and sounds made this year’s  stage production truly remarkable.  The play was derived from the famous fantasy story “Alice in Wonderland” but this time with a “twist”.  The  story revolved around Alice’s  encounter with the different characters in the wonderland of her childhood and teen-age fantasies which were carried on until her adult life. Excerpts from the movies “Grease”, High School Musical and  Moana provided a modern twist to the story .  Variety of classic and contemporary songs were interpreted with well-choreographed dances which added more life to  the play.  Costumes were very intricate and colorful.  Bianca Pauleen Bolongan played the mature Alice while our Beaconhouse Idol Grand Winner in BISC 2017 Malaysia, Kaisha Denniel Montinola, played the younger Alice. Their dashing partners, Lorenzo Kho played the role of young Hamish while Jericho Radaza, played as the older Hamish .   Jeg Baltazar of the Grade 8 class proved to be the best guy for the role of Mad Hatter while  BISC  Idol 2018 Second Placer, Katrina Marie Evardo, proved to be a superb performer as she wowed the audience with her portrayal of the “Queen of Hearts” whose favorite line “Off with their heads!” continued to ring in everyone’s ears even after the show .

The showcase of  creativity and artistic performance by all students truly  made the whole-school stage production  very successful.  From doing their own make-up to gearing themselves up through several costumes changes,  the older students were of great help. Their independence  and collaboration was something the school can truly be proud of in terms of lightening the pressure of off-stage  technical demands.  With the patience and guidance of their teachers, the play had become a very enthralling and memorable one.

To our dear parents who  gave their support to their children, our HEARTFELT GRATITUDE.   As we look forward to the next stage play with enthusiasm, we also are excited to discover future thespians and nurture more talents of our dear Paulinians.


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